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Strong Bone Health Program

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  • Osteopenia • Osteoporosis

    Proven Technology Resulting In Improvement, Stopping, Or Slowing Down Of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.*

    *Jaquish, J. (2013). Osteoporosis International. 198; 24(4), s594-s595. Hunte, B., Jaquish, J., & Huck, C. (2015). Journal of Osteoporosis & Physical Activity, 3(146), 2. Clients results will vary based on their DEXA scan baseline, physiology, etc.

    • Not A Drug
    • FDA Registered
    • Physician Endorsed
    • Affordable
    • 15 Minute Session
      1 X Weekly

    Never too young nor old to take your health to the next level with the best science and technology in 15 minutes/week.

    Physician Endorsements

    “Using optimal biomechanics and loading bones through compression, osteogenic loading response (bone growth) is stimulated and ultimately improves. My patients are in control during the entire session and are never forced to strain – it is at their pace, and comfort level. I have seen my patients improve bone density over 8% in one year, which is a gain that is unparalleled with any other modality used in clinical practice today."

    Kevin Hall, MD, FAARFM
    General Surgery


    "In my practice, we use bioDensity as a part of an all-encompassing wellness program that includes dietary recommendations and other modalities. Patients see the documented benefits of osteogenic loading on their bioDensity performance reports which enhances compliance. Patients enjoy coming back every week for the osteogenic loading experience, which is fast, safe, and convenient, but most of all they know they are improving their bone health, and general health without the concerns of pharmacological side effects. The psychology of using bioDensity is profound because the patient really sees how they can be put in control of a large aspect of their health, which will provide benefit for the rest of their lives."

    Warren Ross, MD
    Double board certified,
    Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine


    "The real-world musculoskeletal benefits of the bioDensity device and osteogenic loading on strength, coordination, balance and subsequently confidence are nothing short of astonishing. The drug-free, osteogenic loading bone density benefits are unique to the bioDensity device. As a surgeon, I foresee the bioDensity device improving my patient’s quality of life drastically. I studied medicine because I wanted to help people, and bioDensity has shown me how I can safely and cost effectively grow my practice and touch the lives of many more than I thought possible."

    Jeffrey Bentson, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery


    "I pay close attention to my patient’s progress and results and am more convinced every day that the decision to incorporate osteogenic loading with bioDensity has been extremely beneficial to my patients. After 6 months using bioDensity once a week, I have seen patients with bone density scans showing a remarkable 7% improvement."

    Harvey Mishner, MD
    Internal Medicine




    Research Citation

    Jaquish, J. (2013).

    Multiple-of-bodyweight axial bone loading using novel exercise intervention with and without bisphosphonate use for osteogenic adaptation. Osteoporosis International. 198; 24(4), s594-s595.


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    Who Is It For?

    • You have Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
    • Prevention

    What Is It?

    Two proven & Innovative exercise technologies

    • Medical-grade bioDensity
    • Power plate

    Together, in just 15 minutes a week, you'll stimulate your body's natural bone generation process based on the science of Wolff's Law.

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    Don’t End Up as One Of These Statistics:

    • Worldwide, 1-in-3 women and 1-in-5 men over the age of 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures
    • 10 million Americans have osteoporosis
    • $7 billion is spent annually on osteoporosis medication in the U.S
    Jason Conviser
    Jason Conviser, Ph.D., MBA

    Conviser’s Full Bio

    Senior executive with significant domestic and international experience managing business units.

    Career Highlights

    • Authored five books.
    • Speaker at 38 international conferences.
    • Conducted over 550 health and wellness presentations to groups ranging in size from 5-3000.
    • Authored over 45 articles in scientific journals, trade publications and large distribution newspapers.
    Snapshot of Publications

    Book: Osteogenic Loading, J.Conviser, E.Hynote, R.Singh, J.Jaquish, JIR 2012

    ResearchDr. Conviser’s research regarding bioDensity Training and Power Plate Whole-Body

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